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If you're inspired by any of these endeavours, come join us in crafting innovative solutions together and explore over 25 work-in-progress projects.
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Create a nationwide canine blood donation registry to connect dogs in need of blood transfusion with donors
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Are You OK?
Mental Wellness Chatbot for Caregivers that generates strategies to assist while engaging with someone in distress
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Crowdsource verification with our CheckMates, volunteers who verify dubious messages.
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A Tutor-Tutee Matching Platform dedicated to serving less priviledged students.
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ALS: Beyond the Diagnosis
A solution to provide resources and inspiring stories to support people with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
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A one-stop info hub for Recycling Beginners on recycling right, and locate recycling points.
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Easily find public assistance in Singapore with our AI/ML-powered search tool, consolidating government and social service listings.
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Support platform for genders of all ages aimed at providing safe spaces for discussion and resource support for communities
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Call Home is an app for migrant workers to call their families back home from 3G to landline calls. Built with love from Singapore.
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Experience empathy through a mobile game immersing players in diverse life stories, challenging stereotypes, and unseen struggles.
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Engage kids in online behavior discussions through a quiz game. No right or wrong answers.
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Quizzing users on social hear-says where information-backed answers target correct common misconceptions.
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Discourse platform enabling more robust and respectful discussions on important social dilemmas.
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Discover how different media agencies “spin” issues based on biases with this crowdsourced tool.
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An interactive experience to encourage constructive conversations around casual racism.
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We harness the collective power of volunteers to create impactful digital solutions for social good. Our diverse team brings together a wealth of expertise, sparking innovation that tackles real-world challenges in our community.

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