Whether you're looking to create a website, streamline volunteer coordination, engage stakeholders, stay organized, or simply save time, this guide gives you a brief overview of the tools we’ve used and loved, and how they can help you too!


Leaders and staff of social good organisations looking to digitalise their operations.

Volunteers interested in helping BetterSG support SGOs in their digital transformation efforts.

Tech enthusiasts who want to learn more about using technology to create social impact.


We’ve organized this guide to address five key questions that SGOs have during their digital transformation process. Each question corresponds to specific tools and solutions that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. While we provide you with a broad summary of the available tools in each question (features, cost, technical expertise required, common use cases), we have also prepared in-depth write-ups on common SGO use cases for each tool for you to decide if these are suitable for your organization.


How do I create a website/digital collateral?

Website Building and Creation Tools

Explore tools such as Webflow and Canva to establish your online presence. Learn about the framework below, which helps to identify elements needed to build great websites that meet your purpose. We also share the key features of recommended tools, cost considerations, and expertise level needed.

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How do I coordinate volunteers and beneficiaries?

Coordination and Registration Tools

Discover how Airtable, Typeform, and Google Forms can help you efficiently manage volunteers and engage beneficiaries. Compare their features and decide which suits your needs.

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How do I engage my stakeholders?

Engagement Channels and Tools

Find out how Hubspot, emails, Telegram, and Slack can be used to connect with your staff, volunteers, donors, and other partners. Understand the pros and cons of each platform.

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How do I keep myself organised?

Organization Tools

Explore the benefits of using tools and frameworks to manage your SGO's information and documentation. Learn more about the various uses of Notion for SGOs, such as team dashboards, kanban boards, employee directories or a guide to onboard new members!

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How do I keep myself less busy?

Productivity Tools

Learn how to identify tasks that can be automated, and integrate tools like Zapier into your current workflows, even for beginners. We also show you how AI-powered tools can assist in various tasks, freeing up your time for more meaningful work.

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